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Those names, which are at the same time registered trademarks, have not always been identified as such. The use of common names, trade names, product names, etc. does not allow for the assumption that these names are to be considered exempt from trade name and

trademark protection laws and that they may be used by anyone. Nor is it apparent whether patents or utility models are available.

Product liability

Medical knowledge is subject to constant change through scientific research and clinical developments. Our authors have taken the utmost care to ensure that the medical information provided is correct according to the current state of knowledge. This does not, however, absolve readers of the obligation of verifying, on the basis of the technical information provided with prescription drugs, whether the information provided there differs from that given here, and to take clinical measures on their own responsibility. This information in no way replaces a personal examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician. A liability for content provided by the MRT Akademie is therefore excluded, except in cases of deliberate or grossly negligent misinformation.

Data Protection

If any of the Internet web sites provide for the possibility of entering personal data (e-mail address, name, postal address) by the user, this information is voluntary. We expressly declare that this data will not be disclosed to third parties.

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