Radiology Assistants

The medical-technical radiology assistants are specially trained in radiological services in cross-sectional diagnostic imaging. They perform the measurements with CT and MRI scanners. They also carry out diagnostic contrast medium examinations with the radiologist as well as therapeutic procedures where necessary. Patients suffering from claustrophobia in the Panorama MRI in …

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Heike Killa   State-registered medical-technical radiology assistant since 1983, therefore many years of professional experience in the outpatient and inpatient sectors Qualified assistant in the field of computed tomography since 1983 Professional qualification in MRI since the beginning of the 1990s 1992-2010 Work as a senior MTRA in an equipment …

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Staff at the front desk

Our staff at reception carry out various tasks related to your stay with us. They record patient data, take care of administrative duties and the smooth running of the organisation of the practice, answer your questions and are available for you at all times.