Neurologist and Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. med. Horst Glasner

Specialist for Neurology and Psychiatry
Private and self-pay patients


Appointment Neurology/Psychiatry


  • 1965 Medical state examination at the Saarland Universität

Professional Career

  • 1965-67 Medical Assistant in Saarbrücken (Internal medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecology) and in Berlin (Surgery), vocational activity in a country doctor’s practice in Rhenish Hesse
  • 1967-80 Medical work in various hospitals (radiology/Dortmund, neurology/Saarbrücken, neurology/psychiatry und neurochemistry/Antwerp)
  • 1972 Specialist for Neurology and Psychiatry
  • 1977-80 Director of the polyclinic of the neurological-psychiatric University polyclinic Homburg/Saar
  • from 1980 Chief physician of the der neurological-psychiatric department and of the physical therapy in the hospital of Berlin-Neukölln, Chief physician of the neurological department of the hospital of Berlin-Neukölln as well as Director of the Clinic for Neurology of the Vivantes Clinic Berlin-Neukölln
  • 1986-2010 Medical Director of the state-recognised school for Physiotherapy and Massage at the Hospital Neukölln, Prof. Dr. Paul Vogler
  • 2005-21 Private practise in the Meoclinic Berlin, ambulatory und stationary diagnostics and therapy of neurological and psychiatric illness
  • 2021 Private practise for neurology and psychiatry, physical therapy, acupuncture and sports medicine, MRT-Akademie, Berlin

Doctorate, Habilitation

  • 1966 Doctorate: „Zur enteralen Resorption von Gallensäuren im Rattendarm“
  • 1976 Habilitation and license to teach neurology and psychiatry, Saarland University: „Psychiatrisch-Neurologische Erkrankungen und Diabetische Stoffwechselstörung“

Range of Services

  • Neurology und psychiatry
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports medicine


  • About 100 scientific publications on fluid diagnostics, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and the nervous system, Ultrasound diagnostics such as duplex sonography and 3D-duplex sonography
  • 1981 Foundation of the regional association of Berlin of the German Society of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Expert before Courts located between Frankfurt and Rostock (Focus: Berlin-Potsdam)
  • Teaching Appointment at the Charité University Medicine/Benjamin Franklin in the field of neurology
  • Member of the regional association of Berlin of the DMSG
  • Berlin Society for Psychiatry and Neurology
  • German Society for Acupuncture and Auricular medicine

Prof. Dr. Glasner has wide-ranging clinical experience in his specialities. In 2005, he established his private practice and works on the premises of the MRT-Akademie since 2021.