New CT – we see through you faster!

In summer 2020, we replaced our veteran CT scanner with a modern successor: the Philips Incisive CT. Owing to an up-to-date technology to optimize image quality, it suppresses artefacts and image noises at a low-dose level. Moreover, the spatial resolution of the images is improved; they become sharper.

The Incisive CT recognizes metallic implants and reduces the artefacts that occur frequently in their vicinity. It reconstructs 18 images per second. This expedites the scans; holding one’s breath for quiver-free images belongs to the past.

We made use of the construction works by refashioning the examination room. During your CT scan, you will be surrounded by pleasant colours, you can look up to a summer sky with cirrus clouds, and you can experience the short examination at ease while the radiological assistant attends and assists you.

Thanks to multiple operator’s controls at the CT scanner, the assistants can stay longer with you while they set the scan up. Therefore we keep your being alone in the room as short as possible.

Upon request of your attending physician, you can make appointments for preventative as well as diagnostic examinations.

Picture: Philips Healthcare