Examinations using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

An examination of the breast in MRI is not a routine procedure. It can be useful for instance if an x-ray mammography or an ultrasound examination (sonography) produces unclear results. Suspicious changes in very dense glandular tissue for example can be traced more clearly and reliably than in an x-ray examination. For this reason we additionally carry out a breast MRI in the magnetic resonance imaging scanner in individual cases.

Mamma 01

Recent studies recommend a regular, supplementary MRI for high-risk patients. This examination is also the method of choice for women with breast implants. Our modern open MRI system (Panorama Open) provides reliable results with a field strength of 1 Tesla.

Important note: The statutory health insurance companies do not always accept the costs for this examination.

What is the procedure for the examination?

The examination takes place in the prone position, with the breasts comfortably placed in a special, cupped surface. The examination takes approximately 30 minutes. You should remain as still as possible during this time so that the images are not blurred.

For the examination, a contrast agent is injected into the crook of your arm or the back of your hand. This is necessary in order to distinguish between benign or malignant tissue changes. For women with a regular menstrual period, MR mammography should be carried out during the first half of the menstrual cycle (4th – 14th day of the cycle).

Recent studies recommend a regular, supplementary breast MRI for high-risk patients. Patients are examined in the prone position, the breasts are placed in a special support.