Breast – Uterus

Statistically, every tenth woman in Germany develops breast cancer. With approximately 50,000 new cases diagnosed every year, this is by far the most frequent tumour disease among women, with the trend unfortunately still rising. Thanks to the greatly improved quality in screening, breast cancer mortality has been significantly reduced today.

Brust Schmerzen - schwarzwei mit roter MarkierungThe sooner the breast cancer is detected, the better the chance of cure. Therefore regular mammography examinations by proven specialists are recommended. They use the entire diagnostic spectrum from mammography to ultrasound to magnetic resonance imaging for this. You can register in the MRT Akademie for magnetic resonance imaging of the breast.

Who should have a check-up?

Women from the age of 40 should have an examination every two years. If certain risk factors are present, then annual mammograms are recommended.

The risk of breast cancer is higher:

  • for women, whose sisters, mothers or grandmothers suffered from breast cancer
  • due to hormonal factors, which lead to an early first menstrual period and late onset of the menopause
  • for the overweight as well as those with high meat and alcohol consumption
  • for smokers

Regular screening enables the early detection of breast cancers. We also offer magnetic resonance imaging of the female breast.