Stomach – Intestine

Vorsroge steht im KalenderEvery year around 70,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

In spite of the high number there is a positive aspect: Colorectal cancer is curable in nine out of ten people providing the tumour is detected early enough. However opportunities for screening are still taken much too rarely.

This despite the fact that an unpleasant colonoscopy is no longer absolutely necessary for diagnosis. Instead, we use virtual colonoscopy, a high-tech procedure which does not require intervention.

Who should have a check-up?

The causes of colorectal cancer are not completely known. The only thing that is certain is that approximately one out of every twenty people develops colorectal cancer in the course of their life. This is why we recommend virtual colonoscopy to everyone from the age of 50 who wants to avoid a colonoscopy.

There is increased need of prevention for:

  • those with a familial predisposition for colorectal cancer
  • patients who suffer from inflammations of the mucous membrane that lines the colon, for example, from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
  • people who eat a lot of meat or generally have an unhealthy diet
  • excess alcohol consumption

Colorectal cancer is curable in nine out of ten people providing it is detected early enough. Visit us for the opportunity to have a non-intrusive screening.