Examinations using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

The magnetic resonance imaging scanner creates high-resolution images of the prostate and also depicts surrounding structures, such as the seminal vesicles and the pelvic floor, precisely. The complete examination is carried out comfortably in the supine position and takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes. The bladder should be as empty as possible during the examination.

Male Genitourinary SystemIn order to illustrate the blood circulation of the prostate as well as to better differentiate lymph nodes and other structures, a gadolinium-based contrast agent is injected into an arm vein. Please let us know if you suffer from an allergy or a kidney dysfunction.

As the spectroscopy is very sensitive to movement, a normally well-tolerated medicament is provided before the examination to keep the intestine calm (Buscopan). Before the examination you should drink as little as possible and avoid coffee and tea. Food causing flatulence (e.g. beans) is to be avoided on the day before the examination.

You can lie comfortably during the prostate examination. Not only the prostate, but also the surrounding structures are imaged precisely in the magnetic resonance imaging scanner.