Christine Laaß-Spohn

Specialist for Diagnostic Radiology Private and self-pay patients



  • 1975-78 Training as a nurse
  • 1978-79 Worked as a nurse in the Steglitz Clinic
  • 1979-85 Study of medicine at the Free University of Berlin
  • 1986-88 Junior doctor in the Department of Radiology at the Steglitz Clinic
  • 1988-98 Junior doctor in the Department of Radiology at the St. Joseph Hospital in Berlin-Tempelhof
  • 1998-99 MRI training in the practice of Dr. Dulce
  • 1999 Specialist examination as a Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology
  • 1999-2005 Freelance in the practice of Dr. Dulce
  • 2004-07 Private radiology practice in Berlin
  • Since 2007 Private and Professional Association Practice for Radiology in the MRT Akademie

Main activities

  • MRI and CT
  • Orthopaedic and traumatologic radiology: e.g. focus on the hand
  • ERCPs and gastrointestinal diagnostics
  • Paediatric radiology
  • Angiograms: e.g. MRI iliofemoral angiograms
  • Spinal diagnostics
  • Urological diagnostics
  • ENT diagnostics
  • Knowledge of nuclear medicine


  • Berlin Radiological Society (Berliner Röntgengesellschaft) since 1994
  • German Radiological Society (Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft) since 1991
  • Academy for Advanced Training and Education in Radiology (proof of training courses visited since 1999)
  • Uroradiology Working Group
  • Society for Paediatric Radiology (Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Radiologie e.V.) since 2005
  • Berlin Chamber of Physicians since 1986
  • German Society for Neuroradiology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neuroradiologie) since 2012
  • Regular participation in resuscitation exercises

Ms Laaß-Spohn has worked as a registered radiologist in Berlin since 2004 and on the premises of the MRT Akademie since 2007.